Conversion Rate Optimization: Turning Passive Visitors into Active Fans

Did you know that the first result pages appeared in Google searches have a click-through rate of approximately 33%?

This means that one in three internet users click on the first page that appears after pressing “Search” on Google. If you have an online business and you want to make it more profitable, it’s paramount to increase the visibility of your website and make it rank among the first in result pages.

Luckily, you can do that using conversion rate optimization services. But what is conversion rate optimization (CRO)? And what it involves?

That’s what you’re going to find out in this article, so keep reading.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When it comes to websites and blogs, conversion usually means transforming visitors into paying customers. In simplest terms, conversion implies making the internet user do something such as buying a product, downloading a program, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.

Conversion rate is a metric based on the number of website visitors and how many of them do the action requested. For example, if your website has a thousand visitors per day and 10 of them subscribe to your newsletter, the conversion rate, in this case, is 1%.

As you probably have already guessed, conversion rate optimization implies a series of strategies and tools to increase the number of users who perform an action, whether this means buying a service or offering their contact details.

What Are The Benefits Of Conversion Rate Optimization?

If you already have a decent amount of traffic on your website, why would you care about CRO? This is a good question and it has multiple answers. For example:

1. Conversion Rate Optimization Offers a Better Return of Investment

You pay a sum of money to keep your website up, develop products, offer services to clients, etc. This is your total investment for your particular business. CRO can increase your return of investment (ROI which translates into more profits for you.

For example, why shouldn’t you have 50 paying customers out of 200 instead of just 10? why shouldn’t you have 75 or even 100? CRO helps you bring in more revenue by implementing tested strategies to make customers buy.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization Is More Cost-Effective

Some website owners probably say – if I want more paying customers, I’ll simply bring in more traffic.” This statement is true, but at what cost? Studies show that CRO services are more cost-effective than simply having more traffic, at least in the long run.

Instead of paying for ads to bring in more visitors, you can simply improve the content and layout of your website to better respond to the needs of your audience. As a result, visitors are more likely to buy from you because you offer them exactly what they want.

Nobody says not to invest in new strategies to increase traffic, but you should also spend at least an equal amount of money on conversion rate optimization services as well.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization Makes Clients Loyal

Experts agree that business owner should better focus on obtaining clients’ long-term loyalty, instead of their money for a single purchase. In other words, it’s better for you to have recurring clients instead of people who buy once and never come back to your website again.

CRO involves a complex method of analyzing website metrics, taking into account the feedback coming from customers, and implementing search engine optimization strategies. This process will ultimately make your website tailored to the needs of your clients. Your visitors will definitely see this and they will choose you over the competition. As a result, you have made your customers loyal and you can count on their continuous financial support in the upcoming years.

Where Are CRO Services Implemented in Your Website?

CRO strategies are tailored based on the nature of your website, your goals, your audience, your products, and services, etc. These services will target:

1. Your Website’s Homepage

The homepage is the first thing a visitor will see upon arriving at your website. You definitely want to make a great first impression, so CRO services, in this case, will focus on guiding your visitor to different parts of your website, allowing him the possibility to easily sign up to your newsletter, etc.

2. Your Blog

Each website should have a blog which provides valuable content about the products and services sold. Visitors read blogs to be informed and educated. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a lasting relationship with your readership and invite them to click on links to other articles on your blog.

You should also have call-to-action buttons inviting your visitors to download a free ebook in exchange for their email address.

3. Your Landing Pages

There are specific guidelines for creating optimized, highly effective landing pages.

These pages have a single aim – to make the visitor do something. Whether they buy your product or leave their details to be contacted later, CRO services put a strong emphasis on developing great landing pages. Some of the strategies involved in this case include A/B testing which reveals what button, text or call-to-action is more effective.

How Much Do CRO Services Cost?

The short answer is – it depends. There are multiple factors involved in the total cost of CRO services such as the complexity of your website, your goals, how much work is necessary to optimize your website, etc. To give you some very broad numbers, the total cost can start at several hundred dollars for basic services and it can go to more than $10,000 for more complex strategies.

Ready For Your Tailored CRO Services?

Hopefully, this article provided a valid answer to your original question – what is conversion rate optimization. Now you’re probably ready to take advantage of these services and that’s why we invite you to contact us. We provide great CRO services as well as link-building strategies at affordable prices.

For more details and a customized quote, check out our Prices page and talk to one of our experts today!

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